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Membership is open to men, over 21 years of age, of sound moral judgment, who profess a belief in a supreme being.

The Mozart Lodge would be more than willing to answer any questions that you have about Freemasonry and be happy to help you join the order if you want to. You certainly do not have to be a musician but we hope that you will enjoy our music when we dine after a meeting. Overall being a freemason means you have an enjoyable hobby.

What’s involved and what does it cost?

At the moment our annual subscription is £132 which can either be paid at the start of the season in October or through bank standing order of £11 each month. This enables us to cover our dues to Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge as well as the cost of renting our meeting rooms. We review the situation each year and there may be a slight increase in future years. There is also a £50 initiation fee.

We have 5 ‘formal’ meetings during the season which runs from October to the end of April. After each meeting we have a “Festive Board” when the dining fee of £25 is charged for a substantial 3 course meal plus tea or coffee and a couple of glasses of wine or soft drinks are included. The dress code for these meetings is dark suit, black shoes, white shirt, black tie and white gloves.

We have a charity collection at the ‘formal” meetings when you give what you can afford to give, we usually give the waitresses a £1 tip after coffee and £1 to the Tyler who sets up the Lodge Room and puts things away afterwards.

There can be another 6 Officers’ meetings, some of which we use for rehearsal of the ceremonies, during the season and one in June/July when we discuss the previous year and coming year’s plans. No charges are made for these meeting unless we choose to dine afterwards. The dress code for these meetings is smart casual.

If you are interested in becoming a freemason, please send your details.


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